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Story of the Chamberlain Scholarship

Helping you get there!

The Chamberlain Scholarship defrays the cost for first-time AFP ICON attendees, no matter the longevity of your AFP membership. The AFP ICON is held each spring and brings more than 4,000 fundraising professionals together to discuss, teach, and learn about new development issues. It offers more than 150 educational sessions designed to serve the development needs of participants from entry level to highly experienced. The Conference exhibit hall features over 300 vendors.

Courtney's Story

photo of Courtney Deuser

Growing with AFP

"Like so many others, fundraising is not exactly where I saw myself…but it turns out, it is a pretty great fit. AFPSOCO was one of the first organizations to ignite my interest in fundraising in our community by welcoming me with open arms. There are so many esteemed professionals in the organization that are excited to help the burgeoning fundraisers without hesitation.

Because of my experience with AFPSOCO and my great admiration for those in it, it came as an incredible honor to be selected as the Chamberlain Scholar. My colleagues in the community are investing in me and that is the highest compliment I can receive. I look forward to continuing to grow with AFPSOCO and to invest in up-and-coming professionals in our community, following the example set by those who have helped me on this journey.

Attending AFP ICON reignited my love of fundraising

The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic forced me to take a long, hard look at my career. Fortunately, this conference was held in-person. I did not realize how much I needed to be in the presence of my colleagues. Being around other individuals who went through the same hardships helped me realize that I was not alone, and the world is in fact a different place than it was for all of us a few short (or long?) years ago.

My favorite session, hands down, was “Acknowledgement Best Practices for Any Size Shop,” presented by Lynn Wester. Ms. Wester is a powerhouse of knowledge and makes the learning process so fun. The information mixed some of what I already knew and simplified areas in which I can get bogged down with thinking or worrying too much. I am always grateful for knowledge that stretches my mind, because that is where the learning happens, and Ms. Wester does just that while making you giggle the whole time.

AFP ICON: Valuable Experience 

Overall, the entire conference was a well-oiled machine, teeming with eager professionals, and filled to the brim with learning opportunities. AFP ICON is a fundraising geek’s dream, but also welcoming of those who are not as entrenched as others, making the lessons accessible to all experience levels. Oh, and the book fair is incredible!

I am grateful for this incredibly valuable experience AFPSOCO provided me, as well as for the welcoming home network of fundraising professionals and friends."

Courtney A. Deuser | Give! Executive Director

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